Some Facts about the Isle of Man 

Facts about the Isle of Man

  • The Island is 32 miles by 13 miles and 221 sq miles
  • The Island is a Crown Dependency and has the World’s oldest Parliament, which was founded in 979AD
  • The Island has never been part of the UK
  • The Island has 9 Golf Courses
  • Tynwald day is the Island’s National Holiday… July 5th
  • First Women in the world to be given the vote in 1881
  • The Island has zero corporate tax since 2006
  • The Island prints its own unique coins and notes as well as using Sterling Currency
  • The Island is the first Country in Western Europe to allow 16 year olds to vote in the General Election
  • The Island is famous for its Manx Cats which are born with no tail
  • The Island promotes “Freedom for Individuals to Flourish”

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